MMA’s deadly ring meetings.
In this video you will find 5 dead fighters in the ring at the end of an MMA meeting, unfortunately in this discipline there may be situations that can seriously compromise the health of a professional athlete in an irreversible way.

Below you will find the list of five dead fighters practicing their passion:

  • João Carvalho (01-04-1988 – 09-04-2016)
  • Mike Mittelmeier (21-09-1992 – 27-04-2012)
  • Douglas Dedge (18-06-1966 – 18-03-1998)
  • Ramin Zeynalov (07-11-1988 – 01-03-2015)
  • Michael Kirkham (27-07-1980 – 26-06-2010)

To tackle this extreme sport, you have to undergo long intensive workouts, so being prepared to face any discipline will use the opponent you will face. For this reason, combat sports, which includes even the most difficult martial arts, is considered.


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