Basic techniques for beginners and experts of Krav Maga.

In this video you will find a series of the most important and easy to implement techniques of Kraw Maga.

What mainly differentiates Krav Maga from other combat and self-defense disciplines is that it has been designed to be applied in any kind of situation that requires it. This means that a person who practices Krav Maga is able to defend himself from firearms and not only in the case of unarmed combat. But its military nature is also the reason why it can not be applied outside of personal life.

This style of combat does not reflect the sports rules, which include the prohibition of hitting sensitive areas of the body during combat (eg eyes and genitals), while, for Krav Maga, everything is granted as long as the goal is achieved. It can therefore be called a more aggressive technique and is mainly suited to the army and law enforcement agencies.


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